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Carlos Rodela

 I do lots of things.

I act/write/direct/produce/edit stuff.

In general ... as an overview ... I create things. Mainly comedic in nature, and a lot of time with me in front of the camera basicallly just being myself.

Well myself x2.

I currently work at Big Fish Games as their Video Producer/Social Media guy. I've produce different video segments including The Pond, How-To videos, Gummy in the City, Gummy by the Bay, and TV commercials.

Currently working on a new app that will hopefully help bring people closer together. More on that later...

I created and manage - bringing in writers and bloggers from everywhere, and giving them a place to post their thoughts, videos, and reviews. 

We have a podcast as well and it's on iTunes, Stitcher, and our own site (above). We're planning a live version of the show to start in March.

I developed and produced a pilot for a late night talk/variety show called Whiz Bang. We couldn't make it happen, because of $$$. Argh.

I have produced and hosted a series of different shows for Ziff Davis, Mevio, SONY, CBS interactive/Gamespot, IDG (PCWorld/Macworld/TechHive), Big Fish, and others.

Spent some time being a tech/games journalist. About 5 years off and on. Covered many different trade and consumer events such as CES, GDC, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, Macworld, and E3. As part of these events I have interviewed a variety of people (celebrities, game developers and publishers, ceos, and startups).

I have also written for Amazon, PCWorld, and TechHive, and Big Fish's blog.

I've produced a bunch of other podcasts (Play This!, Everything is Everything, Sidenote), written some ebooks, recorded albums (my own original music), and even done some web design (AUDISEE,

I also used to work for Amazon back in the day. I started in the digital catalog department and worked my way up into the music team, video, then digital department (first iteration of it). Helped develop their digital music store, and ebook business. 

Before that it was a lot of odd jobs (including customer service for Microsoft, Video rental store manager, Cinnabon, record store, and other interesting stops along the way). I have always been creating content though, and some of those things included a comic series in high school, short comedy type videos with my old fashioned (big) camcorder, a public access show called Syndicated Jive, albums, and various websites.

And now .. here are a couple interviews where I said things about things :


 oh and I have an action figure?

 My insides =

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