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Interviewed by Mr. Murray Newlands for Tube Time

Screen Tear to return?

So we didn't get a second season over at Gamespot BUT i've been kicking around the idea of continuing on with the show (different show name and some new/different features). I might do a kickstarter for it - in order to do rad things like FLY OUT AND DO SEGMENTS WITH YOU THE VIEWERS! Or say take trips to developers or youtube users. Keep Watching this site for updates.



Not that I need another project ... but I have been wanting to create this film of EPIC proportions from all the footage I have of my travels. I haven't had a camera going the entire time i've been here in SF .. but almost the whole time. So in 3 years there's some pretty awesome moments saved and rad looking scenes and footage. I'm going to start work on it tonight (along with editing some comedy) - and i'll upload sections of it for an early sneek peek.

The final movie will go up on YouTube and i'll release it (and my memories and moments) to the world.