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Updates and things

So we're finally recording our show Sidenote tomorrow. The first version of the show will be audio only, and we'll move it to video once we get a couple more things in order. Guests will be on the program as of next week tho!

Also had to put off Everything is Everything Podcast for this week, and we'll be back next week with 2!! How them apples?

Thirdly, (cause come on .. saying thirdly is awesome) I will be finishing up recording on Everybody Game this week and the last episode will be up next week. With it will come a link for all the backers to the entire collection of episodes, and we'll be sending swag out to rad supporters.

Also .. this:



Also -- a hello to all of you who are checking out the site

Noticed a jump in traffic recently so thought i'd say .. hey. What's up?

On this site i'll be posting new shows and podcasts that i'm working on, but also new programming (and joint ventures) will be available over on our site.

AND if you have things you'd like to see us cover on one of our shows or some person you think we should have on the podcast (starting it back up!) lemme know in the comments. You have plenty of login options to drop us a comment. So stop beating around the bush and do it! Hey, i'll listen! 

Site Update

Updated the site to be a little more streamlined and hopefully more awesome.

Also .. are you A. wondering what i'm up to nowadays or B. wondering who the hell is this guy that I just decided to go check out for some reason? Well i'll be adding a video on my about page soon and hopefully it will clear that all up for everybody.

For the record i'm up to (as usual) a lot of thngs, but have a unified explanation for yall. Coming Soon.

Ok .. what else?

Um you should also go check out It's Darb cause it's a site i'll be using to tell y'all about rad stuff. 

Lastly, I will be updating ONAWA TV this week and next so look for some cool announcements over there.

Ok Cheers.