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Dawnguard Review and Pokemon Impressions - Episode 4

New episode of Hack and Slash features my review of Dawnguard and a very rad FREE browser based indie game.

Pac Man plays Skyrim and Link vs. Dovahkiin

In the new episode of Hack and Slash we see a video that pits Link vs. Dovahkiin, and one that has Pac Man addicted to Skyrim. 

Fun for all ages!

Although .. yeah .. there's some foul language. So .. um .. that also happens.

Skyrim Dawnguard DLC - Journal #1


So when I first traveled back to Skyrim I had some pretty interesting things happen. 

First I, alike many of you, fought off some attacking vampires. Then I went to my house to drop off a few things and was instantly relaxed to see Aela at home working on dinner. BUT I was instantly unnerved to see Lydia (damn that thane!) standing by the stairs as I went to head up to my room.

Damnit woman .. why won't you get the hint. While having two women .. hey .. im not gonna complain that much, but she just stands there and .. its creept. Plus shes no Aela the Huntress come on.

So I ignored her and put my TONS of stuff away (in one dresser drawer of course .. its a magical dresser). Then I quickly headed down the stairs to get that damn Thane out of my house. Not before grabbing some dessert Aela had made that was sitting on the table. I brought Lydia outside the house and told her to 'stay'. I'm hoping she actually does. I don't like her in our house ... now if she wants to gaurd the house that could be useful. Standing with a blank expression by our stairs ... not helpful.

Later on I was teleporting somewhere after fighting some frost spiders and I was temporarily freaked out because one of those damn spiders TRAVELED WITH ME ... and ended up popping out next to me .. dead. Talk about gross.

Another memorable moment was on my path to figure out what all the vampires were about I had this vampire talking shit to me as we were fighting and she stopped MID SENTENCE as I cut her head off.


I love being back.

Also my Wuuthrad is holding up well and all that orcish armor is paying off well. I got ambused by a dragon on the way to somewhere and after dropping it to the ground with some magic I slayed that bitch in about 10-12 hits.

Ok what else happened? I trained in some heavy armor and bought a crap ton of potions. 

Oh yeah I kinda helped this vampire lady get back to her dad then just felt awkward after doing it. It was him (all monster vamprie-ish) and me and her and all these guys sitting around eating people.

If I had to do it over again I wouldn't have agreed to bring her back home. Her home was a crap place to be if you werent a vampire.

So now i'm officially helping recruit people to take on a slew of vampires. Weird that when I kill them .. I don't have to kill them any special 'vampire' kinda way. Are we sure these are vampires? I mean maybe they're just some weird half breed of monster person. Lord knows i've seen weirder shit in Skryim.