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New show ... soon.


So I'm officially starting to plan my new show. It's still a little ways off, but I'm starting the visualization process. Yes, you've probably heard me talk about picturing things before they happen and no it's not some new age mumbo jumbo. It's quantum physics actually, but I'll leave that discussion for another day.

As I finalize things (band, segments, people working on the show) I'll announce em on this site. Uber excited to get rocking. The main idea for the show is a live (with audience) talk/variety show with guests, a house band, and possibly some quick sketches. Or video games. I haven't decided.

figured something out

while writing an email to a friend I realized something about me and my work - and i'll just let the email (portion of) speak for itself:

"I have something i've been trying to nail down. that chill kinda british-esque humor that resonates when I talk with people in a normal setting ... just need the right platform/format/show."

yeah .. what he said.

or, erm. what I said.


Future Of Tech - Pilot

Our first tech discussion show (Future Of Tech) is up now.

Future Of Tech - Episode 1 by futureoftech