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Screen Tear to return?

So we didn't get a second season over at Gamespot BUT i've been kicking around the idea of continuing on with the show (different show name and some new/different features). I might do a kickstarter for it - in order to do rad things like FLY OUT AND DO SEGMENTS WITH YOU THE VIEWERS! Or say take trips to developers or youtube users. Keep Watching this site for updates.


Boob and Boobs Physics - Screen Tear Episode 10

So in our latest episode (and season 1 finale) we decide to tackle this whole fasicination with boobs in video games. Safe to say .. there are a lot of boobs.

Next Episode of Screen Tear ... all boobs all the time!

Spoiler. Next episode (our season finale) we release of Screen Tear will be the boobs episode.


I know I know. How could you? Why go blue and get all lewd on us in your last episode?

Because people like boobs.

Nay, they LOVE them.

And then we get to talk about boobs physics. You gotta love boob physics cause some of it is bizonkers (pun intended).

There's a really good cartoon on boobs physics as well from a woman's perspective. And I attempt to make a point in the end about it all.

Much fun will be had by all. I promise.


Don't be afraid.

But maybe don't watch it at work also.