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New Rad On The Web ... finally

We Hate Movies is featured. Go there.

New look Rad On The Web and Press Pause

We recently revamped our webshows produced for MeVIO - and are pretty excited about how the shows will be relaunched.

Rad On The Web will now be an interview type show - talkin with the people behind the websites we think are rad. Length 3-10 minutes.

Press Pause will be Carlos Rodela and Yukie Hapa running down some of the weeks game news, new releases, and general game nerd-ness. However the show will be back fully LIVE this week (tuesday 12pm PST on, and the edited version of the show will be posted weekly on fridays. Length 10-15 minutes.

Both shows will be available on itunes, MeVIO, and this website.

Links can be found on our show pages (above).


Please send us feedback via this website - on things you like and things you'd like to see.


NEW Rad On The Web - Episode 91