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E3 2012 - Gamespot Live and Direct! 

In case you hadn't heard i'll be bringing you coverage of this years E3 (LIVE) by joining forces with Gamespot, and their amazing crew. I had worked with CBSinteractive/Gamespot to produce the "Tosh.0 meets video games show" Screen Tear and will occasionally still be teaming up with them from time to time. Super rad people.

At E3 i'll be reporting live every 15 minutes for all 3 days of the event. I know .. i'm sweating already.

Windows Phone 7 is awesome

I haven't written a piece on Windows Phone yet, but I thought i'd write a quick post on how awesome it truly is. And, more importantly, why it should succeed.

I have had  the HD7 for awhile now and it has definitely come through for me in every aspect. When I first got it I really bought into the whole 'live life..and use your phone sparingly' campaign...and for the most part it was true. I check my tiles and do my bizness then its goes back in my pocket (possibly playing music or podcast). 

What's really cool about Windows Phone 7 though is that it exists between iOS and Android in a sense that it's not TOO open of a system and not TOO closed. It has interface stuff that has to remain constatn across different flavors of the OS (phone manufacturers) and some things that can change slightly, but slightly is the important take-away. You know what you're getting with the menus and how the phone will work yet you can be pleasently surprised by new tabs or apps other manufacturers might add.

The phone just works. And with the mango update it's pretty feature-filled. You can even talk to it like with the 4GS (maybe not as robust). Not to mention the excellent Xbox 360 and Office intergration. 

Anywho, just a quick comment on how awesome this phone is and why I realize i'm happy it exsits. Not only does it have it's own rad things about it, but it fills a gap that neither iOS or Android can fill. It IS the happy medium. And for me that's just right.

Like the three bears thing.

Wizorb is awesome! 

This game came out of left field for me -- lookin through the indie games section I stumbled upon it-thinking it was simply another old school 8-bit RPG, but alas it's more than that.

It's sorta like Alien Crush, meets Zelda, meets Final Fantasy. And you should buy it now.