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Macworld iWorld Day 2 Wrap Up 


Me about to eat some fake cheese at the Macworld iWorld show. It was pretty good.

Also .. I give the run down of 4 cool products on the show floor. Enjoy!

New iPad Mini Touchscreen?


Is this the new iPad Mini Touchscreen? Sharp's new IGZO powered screens could be a sign pointing to an iPad Mini coming sooner than later.

The Japanese manufacturer, which has been mass producing the screens since August for an unnamed customer, is showing working tablet displays in 7-inch, 10-inch, and 13-inch form factors at its booth, though they are sealed off behind glass. IGZO technology, named after the indium gallium zinc oxide semiconductor on which it is based, can be used to make screens with smaller pixels that draw far less power than current models with more accurate touch sensitivity. Sharp is pushing the technology for smartphones and tablets.


Siri Goes Wrong - Episode 20