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Dawnguard Review and Pokemon Impressions - Episode 4

New episode of Hack and Slash features my review of Dawnguard and a very rad FREE browser based indie game.

Dragon's Dogma - Stuck In The Walls Episode 5

We're back! and with a new game under the microscope to boot! Dragon's Dogma is a very rad game, but it also has its share of weird pathfinding issues and glitches. Let's take a look...

Stuck In The Walls is coming back!

Just recorded a fun romp through part of Dragons Dogma. The game itself is pretty amazing and I LOVE it actually. For the most part in battle the AI of your teammates is amazing. Very intuitive in combat situations. In pathfinding (like most games) it gets a little weird (and funny). So look for the new Stuck In The Walls coming early next week. Until then check out past episodes HERE.

Oh and i'll probably put up an early review of the game soon as well.