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DEMO review, Techcrunch Disrupt, and Upcoming Shows

Hey all - just a quick updated for ya.

I'll be posting a review of the DEMO conference I attended this last week in the next day or 2. I'll also be attending Techcrunch Disrupt later this month and plan on taking quite a lot of video and pictures for a big article on the event.

New episodes of Rad On The Web are being shot on tuesday and one will be posted thursday. The plan from here on out is to release each new episode on thursday (HERE). 

Press Pause is currently back to being shot every week (thursdays at 4pm PST on, and the new (fully edited) episodes are up every monday. So tomorrow a brand new one is comin your way featuring Daniel Brusilovsky (of Teens in Tech).

DLTV will no longer be in production. We were helping out our friends at MeVIO by delivering something for the fans of the original DLTV (which I loved), but that show has since been cancelled (due to outstanding contractual obligations).

We are still shooting Techgrouch and Tech Hippy and they will be released weekly (specific day not yet set).

Also we're looking at bringing other people in to our company to help with biz/dev stuff, and are meeting with studios and other distributors of content to possibly work on one BIG show. We'll keep you posted.


-Carlos Rodela

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